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Delusory Parasitosis What is it all about?

I know what you’re thinking…What is Delusory Parasitosis (DP)? According to Wikipedia, “Delusory parasitosis or delusional parasitosis, also known as Ekbom’s syndrome, is a form of psychosis whose victims acquire a strong delusional belief that they are infested with parasites, whereas in reality no such parasites are present”.

Have you ever had the sensation of something crawling, digging in or sticking you, only to find there’s nothing there? Imagine having that feeling day in and day out, but with the belief that something is really there and even seeing these organisms crawling on and under your skin. That’s what a person suffering from Delusory Parasitosis experiences.

Nancy C. Hinkle in her publication “Delusory Parasitosis” gives twelve descriptions of what people suffering from DP have claimed to see.

1. Black and white, but change colors

2. Jump or fly

3. Have eight little legs and a small sucker

4. Half moon shape, like the end of a fingernail

5. Moth-like creatures

6. Waxy looking fuzz balls

7. Granules about the size of a grain of salt

8. Long hairs that move independently

9. Tiny white worm with a brown bulb on its head

10. Worm-like coating around the hair root, with a black bulb attached

11. Greenish-grey cigar shaped things

12. Infest inanimate objects: automobiles, furniture, clothing, rugs

So, what could cause such a bizarre psychosis? Some causes could be dry sensitive skin, paper shards, static electricity, carpet fibers, etc. Some physiological causes could be food or skin allergies, nutritional deficiencies, over the counter or prescription medications, and certain recreational drugs such as methamphetamine or cocaine. There are emotional causes such as stress and depression. Even tiredness and anxiety could bring on this delusion.

There are cases where individuals will go to the extreme to rid themselves of the imaginary infestation. Walter Ebeling wrote in Urban Entomology, “One patient, a widow aged 51 and a person of higher than average intelligence, had skin that was dry and rough from the use of disinfectants. She spends her entire time from early morning to late at night cleaning, scrubbing, and sterilizing her home. All available money is spent on cleaner’s bills for clothing, bedding, curtains, and similar items.” He also added, “Another of these odd patients boiled the entire family wardrobe each night and all the bed clothes each morning. She insisted that the family bathe in gasoline daily and rub with sulfur and lard.”

As pest management professionals, our job is to make certain that an infestation is the problem or not. We do this by performing a thorough inspection of the property. We inspect for pests that may bite or irritate humans such as fleas, rat or bird mites, bed bugs, thrips, no-see-ums, etc. If an infestation is not found, we will not render a treatment. If a treatment is performed, the customer’s perception is that we think a pest infestation of some kind must be present even though we did not find any. No treatment should be performed until the culprit is found and identified as a pest we can treat for.

Credit for the information above is provided to: Daniel D. Dye 11

PestPlus Exterminating. All rights reserved.
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Store Brought Products- No Bed Bug Relief

Look, if store brought products work for Bed Bugs, most pest control companies would be out of business. Truth is a lot of homeowners call us after their failed attempts to go it alone. Bed Bug eradication begins with education and understanding the pest you are currently facing. It’s just not a cheap price and a quick fix.

New research, new products are always in the works to try and gain a grip on the bug that takes over your house once introduced. The only shot you have is, do not over react, do not replace furniture and do not use over the counter pesticides!

Call in your local professional. Make sure whoever you call is familiar with Bed Bugs and has warrantees in place. Understand Bed Bugs are not a cheap fix. it’s a specialty service and takes skills to correct your current issue.

Hope this tidbit assists you. Stay turned to these channels as I present updated info on a regular basis:

Facebook: PestPlus Exterminating

Bed Bugs - Client’s preparation



"Have A Bite Back Day"

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Carpet Beetles or Bed Bugs?

Capet Beetles or Bed Bugs??

Did you know that there is another type of pest that could be in your home, that you might think is bed bugs — but it isn't. What is this creature you ask?

They are called carpet beetles. Check out this excerpt from the National Pesticide Information Center: Carpet beetles thrive in homes, museums, warehouses and other places where food exists. The young beetles look like tiny, hairy worms, and they like to feed in dark, undisturbed places like behind baseboards, under furniture, and in closets.

They are often confused with other pests like bed bugs and fleas. Proper identification is key. Depending on your location, one type of carpet beetle may be more common than others.

Consult your local cooperative extension service for help identifying your pest. As the name suggests, carpet beetles are important pests in wool carpets and rugs. In addition to wool, carpet beetles can feed on silk, hair, feathers, and fur. They may also feed on plant materials, including books, grains, spices, and pet foods.

They do not eat man-made materials but they have been found in items that have both man-made and natural fibers.

These guys can be a real nuisance in your home, and are more common than you might think. Recently

I was called into a home to treat for bed bugs, and in reality, this home had carpet beetles. The family was all ready to pay me big dollars for a lengthy bed bug treatment, but I had to tell them the truth about what they had.

They were happy to be able to save some money, and we were able to get rid of their carpet eating pests. If you notice something that you think might be bed bugs, but aren't sure, there is a possibility they are carpet beetles. Just a little education for the public.

No matter what, make sure you give me a call, because the best thing to do is to get an expert to handle your pests.

This is P Buggy signing off. "

Have A Bite Back Day"

Scott Linde,Expert Managing Partner

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Question: What are the three main thing rats and mice are looking for in the winter?

Question: What are the three main thing rats and mice are looking for in the winter? Answer: food, water, and heat, just like you and I. Guess where they often find these three things? You guessed it — your home.

Yup, this is the time of year you are most likely to find rodents in your living space. It's not because you are dirty, it's because rodents need just the tiniest space to crawl through to get into your domicile, and you happen to have what they want.

The problem is they can chew through electrical wires, cause structural damage to your home, and can also transmit diseases. You really don't want these guys around.

They leave messages for each other through their urine and feces, and these are the same substances that can spread diseases. Not to mention that rodents can also be carrying fleas, lice and ticks with them when they visit you. Listen, you know what to do.

If you spot a rodent or any evidence of a rodent, like chewed up food or maybe even droppings, call your old buddy P Puggy.

We will come and get rid of them for you. Also, somebody,

please respond and tell me, what size space do you think mice can crawl through? How about rats?

I will kill some rodents in your honor if you get the right answer! Until next time………

"Have A Bite Back Day"

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Poor Service! Is That Really What You Need or Want?

As I sit here working diligently in the peace of my office, the snow is coming down pretty hard outside.  It occurs to me that many of the so called dedicated pest control companies out there are not at work today.  I know this because I just received a call from a woman in Union NJ who was thrilled that I was open today at all.  Seriously, what ever happened to the idea of customer service in small businesses today?  Isn’t that what it’s all about?  Lucky for me, most small business owners just don’t get it.

In the past few days, I received two calls that speak to this phenomenon.  One woman called me very upset because she had a rodent problem, which is not uncommon in the cold weather.  What really upset her is that the first pest control company she hired to take care of this problem did such an incomplete job that she had to call me.  These so called professionals even left all the rat poop behind and never bothered to clean up after themselves or the rats.

The second call I got was from an equally irate woman, who hired a pest control service to take care of her rodent problem this winter.  In this case they offered her a package which involved a sequence of treatments.  They did the first treatment, and never came back to finish the job.  Now when she calls them, they tell her they are too busy to come back.  Nice, right?

So in the end, they both had to call me, old reliable, to clean up not only their rodent problems, but the issues left behind by my less than competent competitors.  Thanks for the business guys!  Listen, why waste time and money?  Just call Pest Plus in the first place, and get the most reliable and professional services available for all your pest control needs.  Not only am I open in all weather, but I will show up and do the job right the first time!  


"Have A Bite Back Day"

Scott Linde,Expert

Managing Partner

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Inspection Vs. Free Estimate

Some people seem to think a free estimate is the same as an inspection but it’s not.

If i was to call an H&R Block they would be happy to give me a free quote over the phone but if I brought in my books they would have to charge for a review of my books.

Pest Services is exactly the same. A quote for #pest Services is always free but to send a qualified technician to determine the issue and why you are having this issue is a paid service. That’s what we are trained to do.

There are may pest companies available to you it just depends what type of quality of service you are looking for?

This morning I returned a call that came in over the weekend. The gentlemen explained he started to see 15-20 flies a day. When i indicated ti him there would be a charge he seemed puzzled. I explained to him i had to pay my service technicians to come to him, they didn’t work on charity. We needed to determine what type of fly he had and what was the source, this takes time maybe up to an hour. He then was looking for a price range for #treatment.

My answer was simple, I explained to him how could I ball park a price into we knew exactly what we were dealing with but the service charge would be deducted from cost of treatment if he decided to move forward with us. While I was not rude i was direct and that annoyed him.

I hope I have explained the difference to you and it makes sense. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t.

We at PestPlus are always eager to assist. We have may clients who rate us very high when it comes to our services.

Please let us know if we can be of assistance.

Scott Linde, Pest Expert

“Have A Bite Back Day”
Scott Linde,Expert
Managing Partner
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When Termites Attack Your Home

When Termites Attack Your Support Headers

The picture I have attached is from a home I was in yesterday to give a price on treatment for termites.

Apparently the house has been vacant for many years and termites went unnoticed as they did their thing. I also found termite mud tubing going up one of the sill plates towards the interior basement window.

The GC stated it was even worse before he ripped most of it out. The beam you are looking at has lost integrity due to termite activity and will be replaced. We are coming into termite season.

Quite frankly there is a lot of termite activity that gets over looked and termites continue to damage your property. I highly recommend having your home looked at 1X a year by a pest professional. Someone qualified to point out what you may not be aware of. Companies such as myself offer termite protection programs.

If you are in our service area in NJ, please call my office.

I would be happy to discuss your home pest protection needs.

**Remember we have a 20% off termite baiting system discount running until April 15, 2013. Don’t miss this opportunity to protect your home and save $$$$$$$$$$

Scott Linde, Pest Expert


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What is a WDI?

What is a WDI? 

Today we are doing a WDI for a person purchasing a home. A WDI is a Wood Destroying Insect Report. Such a termites, Carpenter Ants, Carpenter Bees and Powder Post Beetles. 

While homes are not required to have a home inspection, they are required by the lending bank to have a WDI. 

If the report is found dirty (active wood destroying insects noted) then a treatment is required by the seller or buyer prior to closing on the home. The bank won't release the mortgage without it. 

There are a lot of opportunities to do the report wrong and find evidence that looks like WDI but is not WDI. For instance one time this inspection company labeled the home for having Carpenter Bee activity. When I was called to give a quote I used my bonocolours and noticed it was just a rusty nail sticking out and not insects at all. 

Sometimes water rotted wood can be labeled as WDI is the inspector in untrained. Quite honestly not everybody has great skills. 

In real estate, it is always good to get a second opinion even if it costs you a few dollars. When you are purchasing the biggest liability of your life (your home) you want to choose a company who is knowledgeable. It's OK to get a few quotes, but cheap is cheap and if a cheap price is what you are after, expect to have issues. 

Always find out who exactly is going to be doing your inspection and if they are in fact qualified to do it. Remember a company name doesn't mean anything, a company doesn't inspect, an inspector inspects. 

We are coming into termite season. If you have not had your home inspected for WDI in the last 5 years, March is a perfect month to have it done. 

I always enjoy hearing your thoughts, feel free to engage in this conversation. 

Scott Linde, Pest Expert 

Servicing NJ 

P 732-777-6857


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WARNING: Bed Bugs May Be Hiding In Your Furniture - Read This Now

WARNING: Bed Bugs May Be Hiding In Your Furniture

Today (1/31/13)we treated a rental property for Bed bugs. The woman allowed a friend in need to stay over a her apt a month or so ago and sleep on her couch.

Shortly following she started getting bites on her body. She later observed Bed Bugs on her bed in which she then started spraying everything she could buy in the store labeled "bed bugs".

This caused the bed bugs to move from their place of comfort and start spreading out. She even noticed a few walking on her ceiling. She caused this by using sprays that are not helpful but actually make matters worse.

We found bed bugs on her wood bed frame (video to follow) but the worst part of the infestation was on her longer couch. We found live bed bugs, egg casings and fecal matter.

The picture I have attached in just a small inkling of what was there. The bed bugs were embedded on both sides tucked under the non movable pillows and would not be visible to see unless you went looking for them. Bed Bugs don't want to be found.

They will hide in the least obvious place and come out to feed on you at night. I can't but emphasis over and over, DO NOT SPRAY!

If you think you have bed bugs here are some steps to assist you:

1. Pull up both the mattress and box spring and exam each piece independently. You will see black marks, baby bed bugs, large bed bugs or skins.

2. If this happens vacuum that area and around that area. Remove the bag/canister and take outside to clean out.

3. You can spray straight rubbing alcohol from a spray bottle (be careful may damage furniture, spray at your own discretion)

4. Sign up for my free report at: www.getmyfreebedbugreport.com

5. Call in a pest professional to further assist you. Please feel free to share this post with everybody you know.

My goal is to help you and your connections stay in control if you should experience a bed bug outbreak.

Scott aka P Buggy Remember catch my blog posts at: www.pestplus.net/blog

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